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With our years of experience in the research and development of customizable LED strips, Elstar can produce top-quality lighting solutions for any LED strip application. We give you full freedom in customizing your LED strips up to the PCB level.
  • Reliable LED Strip Light manufacturer.
  • Eco-friendly Lighting
  • Orders from 10m delivered in 3 working days the fastest.
  • Exclusively favorable price tailored to your needs.
  • Easy and efficient custom process to cut costs.
  • Instant response to any of your inquiries.
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What’s New
New Innovation products from lumimore
Fully Customized LED Strip Lights
WLooking to light an irregular space or a super creative project?Lumimore can help create LED strips that cater to your exact requirements with our wide range of LED products.
We can easily translate your lighting needs and provide customized lighting solutions. Our experts can provide you full PCB design support and create LED strips that are just the right color, size, shape, and brightness. We can also provide customized power supply options and specialized LED strip controllers. So all you have to do is install the LED strips and enjoy the light.
Realzing Your Amazing LED Light Strip Projects
Lumimore provides innovative lighting solutions to all your lighting needs, be it residential or commercial, or even industrial. Need waterproof outdoor LED ribbon lights? for your design project? Lumimore can help you light all your projects. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at some of these creative LEDs projects we’ve helped our clients create
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Create an Atmosphere
Use your imagaination to bring the scenes back
Do you have a lighting project we can help with?