UVC Disinfection LED Sheet

UVC its name means “beyond violet” (from Latin ultra, “beyond”), violet being the color of the shortest wavelengths of visible light. UV lights have shorter wavelengths than violet light.The electromagnetic spectrum of ultraviolet light can be subdivided in a number of ways. The draft ISO standard on determining solar irradiances(ISO-DIS-21348) describes the UVA(400~315nm), NUV(400~300nm), UVB(315~280nm), MUV(300~200nm) , UVC(280~100nm).

Disinfection, Ozone Monitoring, Decontamination of surface and water Forensic Analysis, Protein analysis, DNA sequencing, Drug discovery, Optical sensing and Imaging of dyes, inks and markers and etc.

With COVID-19 epidemic, we customized a UVC LED sheet for disinfection room application according to our customer demands.  To know more about this product details, you can enquire us or find here.

LumiOpal TE1212D

LumiOpal TE1212D delivered an exquisite and comfortable lighting performance to us, like this building in Paris France,  a bright and warm space and enhance the beauty for the building. To find more details about the product here.